What is a BPS organization?

Ontario's BPS Procurement Directive
Supply Chain Ontario hands shake over contract
The Ontario government enforces specific procurement requirements or all designated BPS organizations in the province, including Mohawk Medbuy. These rules cover the purchase of goods and services using public funds and are aimed at ensuring fair, open and competitive procurement practices in the broader public sector.
This is good news as Mohawk Medbuy has invested significant time and resources to ensure its sourcing processes are compliant with the previous Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) Supply Chain Guideline.
The new provincial rules are set out in the BPS Procurement Directive, which builds upon and replaces the Supply Chain Guideline. In its essence, the Directive revises and adds more specifics around the 25 mandatory requirements that were outlined in the Guideline. Compliance with these elements requires hospitals and other BPS organizations to adopt policies and processes that ensure their practices are in alignment with the provincial standards. As a key part of our corporate values, we uphold the province of Ontario's Supply Chain Code of ethics (click here to visit Ontario's Supply Chain Code of Ethics website) and all applicable federal and provincial procurement laws.
What is a BPS organization?
A BPS organization is a hospital, school board, college, university or other publicly funded organization that has received public funds of $10 million or more from the Government of Ontario.
See also: The Ontario Ministry of Finance's website for the BPS Supply Chain Secretariat, where you can download a copy of the new BPS Procurement Directive as well as the BPS Procurement Directive Implementation Guidebook. BPS Procurement Directive Training is also available for publicly funded organizations that received $10 million or more in Ontario government funding in the previous fiscal year.