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Member Support

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We recognize that joining Medbuy and participating on a Medbuy contract is just the starting point. This is why we have a dedicated team of customer service and procurement specialists working with Members and vendors to ensure Medbuy is continuously meeting their needs and expectations.


What We Do

  • Contract conversion
    Manage and support the on-boarding process of new Members – this includes developing and implementing customized conversion plans
  • Optimize participation
    Support existing Members by ensuring they are fully utilizing all possible contracts to maximize their savings opportunities
  • Positive working relationships
    Serve as liaison between new Members and vendors to ensure a smooth transition 
  • Custom reporting
    Develop customized reports that identify purchases, contract utilization and volume discounts
  • Access to information
    Provide access to Member website for news and information as well as product and contract details


Membership Advantage

  • Responsive
    Quick response to Member questions by the appropriate in-house expert
  • Open communication
    Ensure open lines of communication between Members and vendors to ensure issues are managed efficiently
  • Supply and savings continuity
    Work to ensure transition to Medbuy contracts is as smooth as possible