Our Services

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Medbuy specializes in strategic sourcing for a comprehensive range of quality medical, surgical and general supplies, pharmaceuticals, capital equipment and food. These services are supported by unique programs and broad clinical expertise.
Our Strategic Sourcing services facilitate a proven process that gives Canada's health service providers a direct say in selecting what products are best for their patients, while substantially reducing the cost of medical supplies, services and pharmaceuticals in a full range of product categories. To realize consistent savings and other value-added benefits, our Members purchase from our exclusive product/service contracts offered through our current program areas:
•  Medical/Surgical
•  Pharmacy 
•  Capital Equipment 
•  Food & Nutrition
Medbuy also offers additional value through expertise and analytics that you won’t find with other GPOs – to ensure we source the safest products and services as well as run the most efficient process that gives you all the information you need to manage your product spend effectively.
•  Clinical Services
•  Spend Analytics