SJHS-GPO partners with Bonfire to bring digital evaluation tool to Members

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St. Joseph’s Health System, GPO (SJHS-GPO) has partnered with Bonfire to use the company’s digital evaluation tool to streamline supplier proposal submissions and evaluation processes.   
Bonfire is a web-based tool that allows purchasing teams to receive and evaluate supplier proposals, quotes, and documents digitally, instead of in hardcopy, for sourcing initiatives.  The tool was created in partnership with leading public sector organizations in Ontario to address the growing need for improved efficiency and compliance during the evaluation process. The SJHS-GPO team and Bonfire have worked together over the past several months to build additional functionality tailored to the complex needs of a healthcare GPO.  
“We were pleased to be able to work with Bonfire to help them further develop their tool to meet our requirements. Our collaboration resulted in an enhanced product that can be adopted by other organizations within the healthcare industry,” says Jay Ayres, Director, SJHS-GPO. 
The introduction of Bonfire’s web-based evaluation technology will offer the following advantages:  
Provide Member evaluators with a faster and more efficient way to evaluate Request For Proposal (RFP) submissions digitally, saving valuable time and effort
Allow suppliers to submit their RFP submissions electronically into Bonfire, saving time, money and reducing the risk of RFP submissions being disqualified as a result of being hand delivered after the closing time
Automatically organizes supplier files and evaluator scores to streamline the evaluation process, enabling a quicker decision on a preferred supplier  
Provide Member evaluators with direct, online access to RFP submissions and an online evaluation tool, eliminating the need to distribute and manage paper copies
Allow Member evaluators to access RFP submissions from anywhere, making the evaluation process much more convenient
Allow Members to access the portion of proposal submissions applicable to their organization only, significantly reducing the amount of searching required to locate specific documents
Provide Members with side by side comparisons of equipment specifications from all supplier submissions at once, significantly reducing the time required to evaluate all proposals
Provide Members with real-time information pertaining to each evaluator’s progress and scoring for decision making, increased auditing, and project management purposes
E-bidding in Bonfire provides greater control over the quantity and types of documents included in each proposal submission to facilitate a more efficient and streamlined evaluation process
Stores supplier submissions for a minimum of 9 years
“We are thrilled to be offering such a significant ‘value add’ to our Members through this tool. Bonfire will considerably improve our Members’ experience as they work through the evaluation process, giving them the flexibility and autonomy they need to manage their own projects,” says Jay. “What is great about Bonfire is that it offers benefits to both our Members and suppliers. We believe that when both sides win, the patient wins. It is a great pleasure to be able to offer a more efficient, user-friendly experience to everyone involved.”       
SJHS-GPO has successfully piloted a number of internal test projects using Bonfire, and is beginning to implement the technology into its procurement programs. Initially, Bonfire will be used for proCAP projects only; however, plans are in development for implementing the tool across all other programs. 
“We’re excited to be working with SJHS-GPO to create a more efficient process for their Members and suppliers. Our collaboration with the SJHS-GPO team has resulted in product enhancements that we can now bring to other healthcare organizations,” said Corry Flatt, CEO of Bonfire. 
Bonfire is currently being used by a number of Canadian and Ontario Broader Public Sector entities, including hospitals, school boards, municipalities and universities. Bonfire will be providing demonstrations at the SJHS-GPO booth at HSCN 2015, May 12-13.  To learn more about Bonfire, visit
For more information, contact:
Annette Senko
Assistant Director, SJHS-GPO
519.751.7096 x 2410
Andrew Wilgar
Director, Client Relations

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