provide open view into operational budgets

We are open and transparent

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Our Members want to know the value of their GPO, so Medbuy is proud to be the most transparent. We take our role as stewards of public monies seriously and are open to scrutiny from all stakeholders. This high level of openness ensures that we are continually accountable for our work and manage our responsibility to Canada’s health system with care and respect through sound business practices.

Medbuy provides an unprecedented view into our operations with quarterly, annual and custom reporting. Members can see how much they spend on Medbuy contracts, what volume discounts they’ve earned, how much they’ve saved, how much it costs to be a Member and more. Participating healthcare organizations also have an incredible ability to access data and dive deeper into their own information (or see aggregate trends) to understand how they can optimize their purchases.



We take transparency seriously

  • First-in-class spend analytics program gives Members insight into their spend information to take action to increase efficiency and recover costs.
  • Quarterly and annual financial reporting which includes rebate reports that show Members the savings earned right down to the contract level
  • Ability to generate custom reports to meet a specific Member need
  • Provide Members with key roles to actively participate in our organizational governance and strategic sourcing process


The value to you

  • Know the full value and cost of your GPO
  • Have a direct say in how we conduct our operations and processes 
  • Openness ensures accountability is continually maintained
  • Gain unprecedented insight into your purchasing transactions