We are focused on quality

Patient safety - doctor with paper checklist, x-ray tech checks prints, digital checklist


The patient is at the centre of everything we do. That’s because we recognize that patients receive care from the products and services purchased from contracts we put in place on behalf of our Members.

Our processes, practices and people reflect this high level of responsibility.


Keeping our focus on quality

  • Expertise, advice and process facilitation from our in-house clinical team
  • Every product, on every RFP, is risk rated before going to market  
  • Members are involved in setting product specifications and evaluation criteria
  • Track, monitor, and follow-up on product and vendor performance issues on behalf of Members  
  • Support the development and adoption of new industry standards such as pharmaceutical bar codes  
  • Implementation support is provided when transitioning to a Medbuy contract or converting to a new product


The value to you

  • Quality and safe products you need are available on contract for the best possible value
  • Clinical experts were involved in the sourcing process, providing direct input and evaluating products
  • Ability to tap into the collective clinical expertise of our entire membership
  •  Support and information you need is available when a product issue does arise
  •  Drive new standards (that are important to you) forward in a material way
  •  You can attend industry events that share best practices in quality improvement and patient safety from those setting the industry  benchmarks