We meet all public sector requirements

Ontario BPS compliance - contract reviewed before signing 


As public sector organizations, we have a collective responsibility to make the best use of public monies and conduct a sourcing process that is consistent, open, fair and compliant with all procurement rules. At Medbuy, we’ve invested considerable time to ensure our sourcing processes meet these standards and high expectations, while also ensuring our Members can continue to access the best quality products.


Maintaining fairness and equity

  • We attest to our compliance to the spirit and the letter of Ontario’s BPS Procurement Directive and other procurement laws
  • Publicly post all contract opportunities and follow a rigorous, competitive sourcing process
  • Closely monitor bid process to ensure fairness for all participants
  • Actively participating on industry taskforces to ensure the effectiveness of procurement regulations


The value to you

  •  Ability to leverage a fully compliant sourcing process and reduce your worry  
  •  Benefit from positive working relationships between Medbuy, Members and our vendor community
  • Access to Medbuy staff who are an excellent resource in navigating the rules  
  • Promote fairness and ensure accountability by giving every proponent an equal opportunity to participate in the sourcing process