Be part of a strong peer network participate in industry organizations support education opportunities

Be a part of a strong peer network

collaboration - business team stands together


Many Members tell us that one of the most valued aspects of Medbuy is the ability to effectively collaborate and problem solve through a strong network of peers across the country. This gives Members an opportunity to not only leverage tremendous buying power, but also tap into an unprecedented level of supply chain and clinical expertise.

Medbuy gathers this expertise on a regular basis throughout the year. Together, our Members review on-going and completed sourcing projects, discuss the latest issues or trends and share best practices. You’ll also help set priorities, establish business and clinical criteria and collaborate to develop new standards and processes. Whether you are a shared service organization, health region, teaching hospital or community hospital, you will benefit from the depth and breadth of expertise and perspectives around the table at Medbuy.


Collaborating with Canada's Best

  • Regular Committee meetings and conference calls to set priorities, share information and best practices, discuss sourcing requirements and results and resolve any issues  
  • Establish clinical expert groups to actively involve Member subject matter expertise in setting clinical requirements and conducting clinical scoring  
  • Convene unique advisory groups to set priorities and discuss issues or trends in the areas of sourcing capital equipment and pediatric supplies  
  • Support education opportunities for Committee Members  
  • Participate in industry organizations and initiatives that are of importance to our Members such as establishing national pharmaceutical bar code standards or implementing GS1 Canada data standards


The value to you

  • Problem solve by being a part of and leveraging the significant expertise that exists within our membership  
  • Gain clinical and market insight from a group that includes Canada’s leading healthcare professionals and organizations  
  • Helps to ensure that Medbuy and our Members source quality, safe products  
  • Benefit from the efficiencies of participating through a single sourcing process that includes multiple facilities