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MIssion & Vision

Our Mission
To provide maximum value to Members by driving costs out of the healthcare system.

Our Vision
To become Canada's preferred national GPO in healthcare.


What is a group purchasing organization (GPO)?

group purchasing organization - businessman links doctors to solutions


Group purchasing is used in many industries to purchase materials and supplies. A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that leverages the collective buying power of a group of organizations to obtain quality products for the best price from vendors by aggregating volume.

A common misconception is that GPOs, such as Medbuy, actually buy products and/or make the purchasing decision. In fact, our Members do. Our value and expertise is in acting as a professional, neutral facilitator of the sourcing process. This means that we:


  •    Work with our Members to identify the products they require to meet specific patient needs
  •    Risk rate every product on every RFP before it goes to market
  •    Engage the appropriate Member clinical/subject matter expertise
  •    Leverage data/spend analytics and other market information
  •    Aggregate our Members’ spend volume
  •    Oversee the RFP process, ensuring compliance with procurement laws
  •    Facilitate Member clinical scoring, product evaluation and award decision
  •     Conduct financial analysis of vendor bids
  •    Manage the final contract(s) and vendor relationship, resolving any issues that arise
  •    Operate in a transparent manner through regular and custom reporting   
  •    Involve Members in meaningful way in the governance and oversight of our organization

Our Members can then buy the right products, for the best price, for a set term, from an approved vendor contract or pricing agreement.

Operating expenses for many GPOs, including Medbuy, are shared by the membership. Members share a portion of Medbuy's annual operating expenses on a pro rata basis based on contract purchases.