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There are many benefits for vendors who work with Mohawk Medbuy. It's an opportunity to grow your business while providing Canada's health services providers with tremendous value. In return, the vendor community has always been able to depend upon our Members’ high-level of contract compliance.
So how do you become a Mohawk Medbuy vendor? First, your company must be awarded a contract following a full RFP process. Our membership entrusts us with public monies and as such, Mohawk Medbuy adheres to a fair and equitable sourcing process that meets federal and provincial regulations such as the Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive. 


There are 3 easy steps to become a vendorr with Mohawk Medbuy:

1. Find Opportunities
We post all of our contract opportunities (Request for Proposals) On Biddingo, click here to access the
Biddingo is a fee-based, public procurement website for provincial, municipal, education, crown corporation, construction and healthcare sectors across Canada.
Mohawk Medbuy does not directly distribute a list of current opportunities or post a list on our website. As such, we strongly recommend that interested vendors regularly monitor Biddingo for potential opportunities.
2. Register Online
We encourage all potential vendors to obtain a Biddingo subscription account, so you can download Mohawk Medbuy RFP documents and access Biddingo's Electronic Bidding (eBidding) System to submit bids. Please note you must activate an eBidding feature on your Biddingo subscription account to have access to the eBidding system.
 A vendor can obtain an account at any time and there is no need to wait for a specific contract opportunity to do so. 
Vendors interested in submitting a bid must first register using the Mohawk Medbuy Vendor Registration Form, click here to access the form: You only have to register with us once – and when you are approved, you are approved for all Mohawk Medbuy bids on Biddingo.
We recommend that vendors register for access well in advance of an RFP event, since the process could take up to two (2) business days to complete.
3. Respond to RFP
Using Biddingo's eBidding System, you can submit bids for Mohawk Medbuy opportunities electronically, directly through Biddingo. To access the eBidding System, you'll need to register as outlined above in step two.
For more information on the eBidding System and how to use it, click here to contact Biddingo at or (416) 756-0955 or download a user training guide below: