build strong business as GPO supplier, lower sales costs and increase business opportunities

Benefits for Medbuy Suppliers


supply chain management

We aim to build strong business relationships that bring benefits to Canada's leading healthcare manufacturers and service providers. This has allowed Medbuy to establish more than 450 contracts covering over 76,000 items in Medbuy's range of Strategic Sourcing Programs.
In the supplier community, our long held principles of commitment and compliance distinguish Medbuy from other GPOs and provide significant benefits. We are also guided by the principle of positive Member/supplier relations, which facilitates partner-based relationships that bring value to both our Members and the suppliers with which we contract.
Contracted suppliers may experience a wide range of benefits through their relationship with our Members:
  • Gain valuable input on new product development from end users within Member facilities
  • Equitable and fair contract award process
  • Increase market penetration
  • Access to contract management support
  • Contracts with highest compliance rating in the market and consistent payment history
  • Up-front purchasing volumes
  • Consistency in sales forecasting and production planning
  • Lower sales costs through reduced administration needs