Medical/Surgical Sourcing


purchase surgical supplies - surgical tray and tools

From advanced wound care, barium products, orthopedic joints and surgical gloves to office supplies and printing services, Medbuy’s medical/surgical strategic sourcing service covers a complete range of supplies and services needed to deliver quality patient care throughout a healthcare facility.

Program Highlights
Buying power delivers consistent savings
More than $197 million in Member spend taken to market in 2014, which has translated into savings of more than $50 million on new and renewed contracts
Clinical expertise
In-house clinical team, including a physician and Registered Nurses, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technician, who co-lead sourcing     process with strategic sourcing specialists – ensuring quality products for the best price
Clinical expert advisory groups that allow your clinical and subject matter experts to have direct input that focuses on quality and
patient safety such as developing product lists and clinical criteria for initiatives 
Member involvement
Operating committees that allow your procurement teams to inform sourcing process by developing non-clinical, business and
financial criteria for each initiative
Unique needs
Members participate on our Pediatric Advisory Committee to discuss the challenges, issues and commonalities shared among healthcare   organizations that treat children as part of their continuum of care
We are one of Canada’s largest collaborative networks of clinical and supply chain peers 
Our sourcing process complies with all public sector tendering practices and directives
Individual Member support to transition to Medbuy contracts and/or maximize participation
Membership Advantage
Quality and safety
Every product in every RFP is risk rated before going to market ensuring safe and quality products are sourced
Strategic sourcing
We use the sourcing strategy that’s best suited for specific products/services, clinical requirements, supply security and market conditions
Timely issues resolution
We manage and oversee the final contract, on-going issues and vendor performance in addition to providing timely support to                Members when supply issues do arise so Members can focus on their own priorities
Knowledge sharing
You benefit from the experience of our diverse in-house clinical team as well as the knowledge sharing that comes from the aggregate expertise within our membership
Our exclusive Spend Analytics services can uncover opportunities within your purchase transaction data that may have otherwise gone       unrealized, ensuring you are maximizing your savings opportunities
Access to information
Get detailed pricing and product information at any time through our eCatalogue
Professional development
Opportunity to attend unique and relevant educational sessions such as IHI Annual Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care to   learn industry best practices
Receive customized financial reports and quarterly distribution of earned reimbursement for volume discounts to manage your             purchases