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Clinical Services

       Clinical sourcing experts - nurses and doctors


Medbuy contracts include supplies that are used in our country’s operating room, ambulatory care, medical/surgical, critical care, complex continuing care and pediatric units. We have established a team to ensure that every item we put on contract meets the high standards our Members and their patients expect.

Our in-house team, which is quite unique for a GPO, includes a physician and four Registered Nurses, who understand the hospital environment, frontline care delivery and how products are used at bedside. They take the lead in risk rating every product in every RFP so the right sourcing strategy and criteria can be deployed. Critically, they also understand our Member clinical leaders and specialists – and how to engage this specific expertise in the sourcing process and build connections within the hospital.

What We Do

  • Co-lead sourcing process
    Work alongside the Strategic Sourcing team to provide strong clinical representation and sourcing management
  • Engage and aggregate expertise
    Facilitate involvement of Member clinicians and subject matter experts, who provide input into product lists, set clinical criteria and conduct product evaluations
  • Focus on quality and safety
    Incorporate quality and safety standards into the sourcing process
  • Understand the risk
    We risk rate every product, in every RFP before it goes to market


Membership Advantage

  • Diverse clinical expertise
    Multi-disciplinary clinical experience that understands the needs of providers and patients
  • Quality and safety
    Focus on quality and patient safety by identifying upfront the risk associated with sourcing any product or service
  • Direct involvement
    Your facility’s clinical experts have direct input that allows you to confidently select products and meet your quality goals
  • Seamless support
    Support from a knowledgeable team during contract conversion/implementation when clinical guidance is required
  • Collaboration
    Effective peer-to-peer collaboration between clinicians, finance and materials management – all key components of the sourcing process 


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