New Proposal-style submission strategy for Regional RFP results in great value for Dialyzer contracts

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Medbuy recently awarded regional contracts for the dialyzers portion of our Hemodialysis RFP, marking our first time using a proposal-style submission strategy for a regional RFP.  This approach resulted in a highly successful outcome, generating an average of 40% savings for our Members. This was the first time dialyzers were offered through a Medbuy contract, and we were pleased to be able to expand the scope of our product offering to help Members achieve savings.
The proposal RFP strategy was adopted for the dialyzer contracts to respond to the need for detailed and nuanced information from suppliers about these highly clinical products. We asked suppliers to provide specific information describing the clinical efficacy of their products, based on criteria defined by our Members. 
In addition to this clinical information, Members were also provided with financial data to use at the time of scoring, helping them choose the best products for their facility while achieving the greatest value. Members reported that having both clinical and financial information available upfront during the scoring process allowed them to make more informed assessments of each proposal, and helped them communicate potential outcomes to their clinicians.
Michelle Reddin, a Product Standardization and Compliance Manager at Horizon observed that, “Any information you can use to compare the value of proposals after evaluating clinical aspects can be a game-changer. Having the financial data available allowed us to reframe the savings opportunities so that our clinicians can understand the true value of the award decision.”
We have received some excellent feedback on the process, and we look forward to working with you as we continue to improve our proposal-style RFP strategy for regional RFPs.

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