Share clinical expertise collaborate on decisions participate in advisory groups

We are Member driven

Members gather for group shot in conference room


For over 25 years, our Members have given us resounding affirmation that Medbuy fosters an environment where our Members are able to collaborate, share best practices, and ultimately, make decisions. This Members-first philosophy means that Medbuy facilitates the process in which participating organizations are actively involved in setting product specifications, RFP criteria and evaluating products. They can also play a role in our organizational governance and helping to set priorities. Here’s how you will be involved as a Member and the benefit it will bring to your organization.


Putting Our Members first

  • Member Committees 
    ensure you buy the products and services that meet your facility and patient needs
  • Clinical and subject matter experts 
    participate in advisory groups that ensure we source quality products and services
  • Special advisory groups 
    provide input and help set priorities in our specialized capital equipment and pediatric sourcing programs
  • Shareholders 
    are eligible to sit on our Board of Directors


The value to you

  • Purchase quality products at the best price
  • Develop non-clinical (business and financial) criteria for RFPs based on your facility's needs
  • Help set the non-clinical (business and financial) criteria for RFPs
  • Have your clinical and subject matter experts from physicians, nurses, OR managers and other clinicians involved in setting product lists and clinical criteria for RFPs
  • Have oversight of and transparency into our operations
  •  Share best practices and collaborate with your professional peers from across Canada
  • Make final contract award decisions based on the criteria you’ve established as a part of the buying group