drive supplier optimization

Our Mission
To provide maximum value to Members by driving costs out of the healthcare system.

Our Vision
To become Canada's preferred national GPO in healthcare.


Guiding Principles

      Our guiding principles - Compass with navigation lines drawn on bearings


Medbuy is guided in its activities by a number of shared principles that are designed to provide context and focus for our path to success:


  • Members First
    We are committed to ensuring that our Member service exceeds expectation, and that the value we bring achieves a unique and positive impact both to and beyond our Members’ bottom line.
  • Commitment & Compliance
    We are committed to maximizing Member participation in all of our contracts while delivering the necessary flexibility to meet unique Member needs.  Participation and compliance drive vendor optimization and desired product standardization as appropriate. 
  • Equitable Participation
    All Members have the right to participate in the activities of Medbuy. Their participation is fair and equitable and is designed to provide each a voice. 
  • Sound Governance
    Our Board of Directors practices sound governance by directing and controlling management activities with business acumen, objectivity, accountability and integrity. We believe that sound governance is reliant upon external marketplace commitment and legislation, plus a healthy board culture which safeguards policies and processes.
  • Decisions will be evidence based
    We make informed decisions in the interest of all stakeholders based on a body of robust evidence, including a sound data analytics model and an open ear to the voice of our Members.
  • Positive Member/Vendor Relations
    We are committed to facilitating partner-based relationships within the context of public sector procurement standards. Our overarching goal is to bring value to both our Members and the vendors with which we contract.
  • Patient-centered
    We support our Members’ collective mission to provide effective and safe care to the patients they serve.  Medbuy’s processes and practices reflect our responsibility to patients as recipients of the products purchased through contracts constructed on behalf of health organizations we represent.